The 2013 NAIAS Booth Professionals

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJanuary 21st, 2013

The booth professionals at the 2013 North American International Auto Show were a fun bunch. In between press conferences our photographers would roam the show floor to capture some photos of the booths and those working at them. Not sure if it was the excellent expresso being served (hat tip to the baristas at the Acura booth!) or just the general vibe was really good at this show but everyone seemed to be having a good time which makes our job even more fun than it already is.

Just like the LA Auto Show, the so called “Booth Girls” or “Booth Babes” have a ton of knowledge about the vehicles they are helping to showcase. With that in mind, we’re going to refer to them as “Booth Professionals” from now on.

We were however reminded by one booth professional at Tesla that NAIAS is an auto show and that it is not about the girls, when we asked if she could face the camera. She told us “No, you should be taking pictures of the cars not the girls. We’re not Audi”. No, no you’re not. Over at Audi they were having fun unveiling cars and looking great doing it :)

While the booths have both men and women working, the men tended to scurry away from the camera lenses. I guess they’re camera shy ;) Enjoy the photos!

Models at the unveiling of the Audi RS7:

These two ladies were there to greet people eager to check out the C7 Corvette

She was definitely a good sport for walking so far in those bazillion inch heels :)

Plenty more pictures in the gallery below.

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