2012 Beyond.ca Annual SuperMeat™

Posted by: Shelton Kwan onSeptember 26th, 2012

Just like last year, our resident OG forum member CivicDXR called everyone out to the 5th Annual 403 Honda/Beyond.ca OG/Everyone SuperMeat at Chinook Center. This year, we packed the parking lot, with an estimated 150 cars attending the event. It was great seeing the oldschool members, and meeting newer members for the first time in person.

There were tons of cars out there, and we did our best to capture the cars, the people, and the atmosphere before sunset. With our extended summer weather this year, the turnout was huge, and some members were forced to park on the ramp up to the parking lot. Impressive!

Check out our gallery after the jump, and don’t forget to visit the Official Photos Thread on our forums for pictures from our other members. See you next year!

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