10 Easy Ways To Save Gas

Posted by: Kenny Chan onJuly 20th, 2008

Vancouver Gas PricesAs gas prices across Canada slowly creep towards the $1.50 per liter mark (that’s about $5.65 US per gallon) more and more drivers are looking at ways to save gas. Some have turned to products that claim to help fuel economy but the truth is, they simply don’t work. However, here is a list of 10 ways to save gas that do work, and it wont cost you a thing!

1. Don’t drive aggressively – quick starts, hard stops and aggressive driving can increase fuel consumption by up to 37%. This is equivalent to paying $1.86 per liter of gas in Calgary at today’s average price of $1.36 per liter (In Richmond, BC where gas prices have hit $1.57 per liter, driving agressively makes the true cost of gas a whopping $2.14 per liter). It has been proven that a relaxed driver will use less fuel than an aggressive driver.

2. Drive at the posted speed limit – increasing your cruising speed from 100 km/h to 120 km/h will increase fuel consumption by about 20%. In addition to saving money on fuel, you’ll also eliminate the risk of getting a speeding ticket.

3. Don’t idle – when you let your vehicle idle longer than 10 seconds, you burn more fuel than you would restarting the engine. When you arrive at a major intersection with turning lanes, try turning off your car and restart it right before your light is about to change.

4. Drive only when you need to – leave your vehicle at home whenever possible by walking, biking, blading, carpooling or taking the bus to nearby locations.

5. Plan ahead – If you have to drive, plan the most fuel-efficient route in advance. If you can, try to avoid driving during the peak rush hour times to avoid traffic delays.

6. Use your vehicle’s air conditioner sparingly – using your air conditioner in stop-and-go traffic can increase fuel consumption by as much as 20%. Try opening the windows or fresh air vents to cool your vehicle. For highway driving, you’ll want to stick with the air conditioner as open windows will decrease fuel economy.

7. Measure the inflation level of your tires once a month. A single tire under-inflated by just 56 kPa (8psi) can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption by 4%. Be sure to check tire pressure after the vehicle has been sitting for at least 4-5 hours. During normal driving conditions, the tire pressure will increase due to the heat.

8. Use cruise control – on dry, flat wide-open highways, use cruise control, to help improve fuel efficiency by maintaining an even speed.

9. Maintain your vehicle properly – a poorly maintained vehicle consumes more fuel, produces higher levels of emissions, requires expensive repairs, and has a low resale value.

10. Safe driving is fuel-efficient driving

If you want to try some more extreme methods of saving gas, try hypermiling.

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  1. Gas Saver says:

    Great list!! So at hi speed, AC uses less gas than open windows…. interesting.

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  3. Wendy McDonald says:

    Anyone know how Subaru ranks on the gas guzzling scale? Looking at buying one. Got any tips?

  4. Kenny Chan says:

    What model Subaru? Most manufacturers list the fuel ratings on their website for all of their vehicles.

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